3 Factors To Consider Before Buying Motorbike Helmet

When you are driving your motorbike, hearing the rev of the engine as you speed up and turn on a dime where other vehicles have to take a stop, the last thing you want to have to worry about is whether or not you are going to be safe in a crash. This is what makes the helmet the most important consideration for bikers.


Mind Your Head
Heads are so fragile that skull damage upon a crash is incredibly common, making it essential to use the best quality helmet you can get. Most motorbike helmets will come complete with a Head and Neck Support (HANS) device that in the event of a crash will prevent the rider from whipping their head forward during the impact and snapping their neck or spine at the point where the two sections meet. What this does is protect not just the head but ensures that further damage can be caused by the crash.


Visibility and Material
Most motorbike helmets will have a pretty incredible amount of visibility in the 210 range, this gives riders the ability to see things coming incredibly accurately and hopefully in the event of an emergency, gives them an extra second or two of time to try and evade the problem. Carbon fiber is one of the greatest materials to make these helmets out of, but the problem is that they are also not always cost effective, making the decision for riders as quality over price one.

Another important consideration to make when purchasing a helmet is whether or not it has sufficient ventilation for you. Since you are already whipping through the street, the air can sometimes be a bit difficult to take in; there’s no need to make this more challenging by using a helmet that’s problematic. Intake ports are often utilized across the front side of the element that forces in the cool air; this is important as it can get pretty hot inside the helmet as well.


Safety Systems
Another great feature that has recently been added into motorbike helmets is that ease of release system. If a crash occurs, and the rider is unconscious, every second does count. Moreover, then the paramedics find the rider, they need to be able to remove his helmet to see the extent of the damage. Previously, this used to be a challenge as the helmets could be tricky to move without shaking the head.

However now some helmets are equipped with Tabs located under the neck roll that allows for the easy removal of the cheek pads from trained professionals. A warranty is also important consideration as if you will be using this theoretically every day if it is your primary source of transportation, and you are going to want a helmet that’ll go the distance.
If you are serious about buying a good quality helmet but not breaking the bank to do so, it would be highly recommended to do your research and make sure that exactly what your needs in a motorcycle helmet are being met. This is why it is important to find successful retailers such as Bell Street Helmets who can enable the exact fit you need for a quality helmet.

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