A Custom Painted Street Helmet: How to Get (Or Make) One

A custom painted street helmet is a brilliant idea that will add personality, character, beauty and uniqueness to your helmet. Rather than just wear a helmet that looks like thousands of other factory produced ones, it is best to either get a professional to paint yours or do it yourself. This article aims to look at some of the options that exist for riders who want to get a street helmet that has been custom painted.



Advantages of getting custom painted street helmets

Custom painted helmets is a great way to pass a message or stand with a cause or belief close to your heart. Since there is no limit to what you can paint or get painted on your helmet, then one can pass a message or stand with a cause that means much to them while standing out from the crowd.
One can get to exercise their individual talent for painting. One of the coolest ways to get a custom painted street helmet is to paint whatever they want themselves onto the helmet. We will look at how to paint a street helmet below.



How to get custom painted helmets

There are two main ways to getting custom painted helmets: you either do it yourself or get a professional to do it for you. The second way is obviously the easier one; on many websites such as eBay and even more precise websites for custom street helmets you can get a professional to do exactly what you want, ostensibly for a cheap price, and getting a very high-quality product at the end which also tallies with what you want to achieve.
The most important thing about getting a helmet that have been given a custom paint job us making sure that the helmet conforms with your state’s standards concerning padding and size. Many street helmets that have been painted are more aesthetes than helmets meant to protect someone. It is important to always keep safety first.
However, there is no doubt that doing one’s own custom job is more fun, and also risky. Depending on your skill level, you can either get a standard paint to change your helmet, or you could airbrush the colors and writings onto the helmet. Some of the following tips will be of great value to you if you choose to do the job yourself.


Firstly, make sure to strip the helmet off anything that doesn’t need to be painted; including the inner padding, accessories as well as screws. Then, get a wet sandpaper to remove the varnish layer off the helmet. Once you have gotten much of the varnish, you can get painting whatever kind of designs and patterns that you want.


Street helmets that have been custom painted are an excellent way to add personality to your helmet. The most important thing is always to keep safety first, and have fun, whether you will get a professional to do the job for you (more expensive but potentially a better job overall) or do it yourself (more fun though end product may be a bit substandard).

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