A Quick Review of Popular Bluetooth Helmets

With the recent improvements in technology, we see connectivity tools in just about every product, so why not motorcycle helmets? So it is no surprise that the same concept has been applied to helmets and new Bluetooth equipped modular helmets have become very popular. These make it much easier to stay connected even when driving a bike. For people who have experienced the monotony of long bike rides, this is a welcome change.

Not only will it possible to listen to your favorite songs, but you can also maintain conversations with passengers and bikers in the vicinity. There is the option of buying a helmet that has the Bluetooth feature or getting it installed in a normal helmet. Installing it is a be a bit more pricey though however if you are customizing freak you should go for it. New helmets are offering Bluetooth technology maintain the strictest safety standards.

Here is a quick Bluetooth modular helmet review that looks at some of the best helmets on the market today:
1. O’Neal Racing Commander:

This is an impressive new helmet that offers some features for the biker. There are 10 hours of talk time and a 100 feet rider to rider GPS voice and intercom facility. Venting is also placed for adequate air flow, and it also boasts an amazing sun shield. For the price, it offers some great features and is a great buy for any bike rider.

2. HJC IS-MAX Sprint:

The most appealing part of this helmet is its comfort and fit. It has been designed using advanced CAD technology, and it also offers many features. The one button flips up feature is highly unique to this helmet. There is also the integrated Bluetooth facility. The Bluetooth unit is housed in a very sleek recess that allows it to be integrated with the helmet without any problem.

3. Sharktooth Bluetooth:

The Bluetooth features of this helmet are among the most advanced that you will see on the market. It allows for eight devices to be paired along with it and has full stereo music streaming capabilities. There is also an automatic volume adjustment depending on the speed and ambient noise. Noise cancelation and digital volume controls make this helmet a feast of technology. The shape and style are also very sleek. You will find it joy to ride your bike wearing this helmet.

4. Hawk H-2700:

This helmet has an ABS molded shell that is fully equipped with Blinc Bluetooth. The best feature of the helmet is the way the buttons have been designed. They are placed in front of the visor and can be accessed very quickly. The helmet can also be flipped up and down with the just the push of a button. An inner tinted visor provides you with even more protection.


There are of course many other models and companies to choose from, and the final decision is a personal choice. So take a look around, and don’t miss out on the chance to get these amazing new helmets. With helmets available in all price ranges, you will be spoilt for choice. You can Also see some reviews for Motorbike Helmet Traders.

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