Best Street Helmet Skins of 2015

Looking for the coolest street helmet skins for your bike helmet? 2015 has sported some of the most intriguing designs. Here are a few of unique street helmet skins of the year
The Smiley Helmet
With a big painted smile on the front of this helmet, it looks like you’re riding with a big grin on your face. Produced by Bandit Helmets, this skin can also be painted on just about any full-faced helmet as it is airbrushed by professional designers.
Permanent Marker Helmets

Some of the coolest designs can be done just using basic faux-permanent markers and little creativity. You can select a design before drawing and then check with popular brands who are putting out custom pre-printed skull or smile designs. Draw it on yourself or hire a professional to make you a really awesome street helmets skin.
Reevu Helmets

One of the absolute best street helmet designs of the year is from Reevu, who released a helmet with a mirror on the top of the opening while looking from the inside out. So, you can actually see what’s going on behind you — and who might be sneaking up! Not only does this helmet look cool, but it’s also very effective.
Fallout Helmets

For fans of the popular video game series Fallout, 2015 has seen the release of a popular helmet that looks a little bit like a cross between Halo and Redhood. You can create this one yourself or look for it online.
Pirate Bandit on Bandit Helmets

If you’re going to wear a Bandit helmet, you might want to try a Pirate Bandit design. With a little airbrushing and pirate flair, you’ll be sailing the seven seas (or at least riding them) in no time.
Optimus Prime Helmet

How neat would it be to drive around the streets looking like Optimus Prime from the Transformers series? Not only will you earn some major coolness points, but you’ll also look really sharp on your ride.
Monster Energy Drink Skin

Many bike riders will also be fans of Monster, the energy drink, and so can enjoy a helmet with this design painted on their helmets. You might give this one a try if you’re a fan of the product.
Carbon Fiber Helmets

High strength carbon fiber/kevlar blends for street helmet skin designs are one of the best and safest choices of 2015. They often come in black but can also be found in chrome and other colors. Try adding one of these to your helmet, especially if you are wearing a German helmet design with the lip flaring out from the brim.
Stormtrooper Helmets from Star Wars

With “The Force Awakens” installment of the Star Wars series coming out this year, a Stormtrooper helmet might be just what you need for a cool street design. You’ll look primed for riding through the city and pretty intimidating to boot. Star Wars fans must get this helmet at all costs.


These are some of the best designs for street bike helmets of 2015. Think about what kind of image you’re trying to protect, then consider materials and graphics when selecting your skin. Consult a professional street skin designer for tips on what to look for or to get a custom graphic made. You’ll look sharper than ever riding through the city with a custom-designed helmet.

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