Dual Sports Bluetooth Helmets: What You Need To Kno

Every motorcycle rider or even someone who has ridden one knows that the choice of a helmet is one of the most crucial they have to make. Not only is it key to safety, but it is also necessary for easy visibility in traffic, aesthetic purposes and as a windbreaker. The dual sports helmet is one of the most popular choices in the market amongst rough riders.

What is dual sports Bluetooth helmet?

This is a helmet that combine the best of two worlds; the street and dirt helmets. It comes with a face shield, an opening around the eyes to allow you to fit in goggles when on the dirt trail as well as a sun peak. The Bluetooth system enables the rider to communicate with other riders as well to the pillion, and can also come with great features such as an FM radio.



Advantages of dual sport Bluetooth helmets

The main benefit of these types is that their versatility means they can be used for both dirt bike riding as well as on the street, while providing the necessary protection from the elements and dust.


It has a removable visor that is best used or installed when one is on the dirt road, so as to use goggles that protect one from the dirt and dust, and care should be taken to get one that is strong enough especially for the dirt road.
It is Bluetooth enabled, and this is great for communication especially with a pillion, other riders, receiving phone calls within a certain radius (usually one kilometer) as well as listening to FM radio especially on those long lonely rides out on the road when one is liable to get lonely.


They are a bit lighter when compared with the regular bike helmets, and once you remove the visor, it becomes lighter still. This is great for those who hate feeling hemmed in after riding for hours. This helmet is very comfortable.




Disadvantages of dual sports Bluetooth helmet

This helmet strives to serve both worlds, the dirt and the pavement, and as such finding one that will offer you great service is hard, most don’t handle the dirt side well. One may need to cough up some serious cash to be satisfied.



It can be very noisy since the padding is not excessive to make them lighter. Hence, if one has a very powerful machine, they should consider wearing earphones while on the bike.



The dual sports helmet is becoming more and more popular amongst riders, mainly for those who will be riding across streets and the wilderness, instead of getting two types of helmets according to the terrain. The Bluetooth feature makes it easier to communicate with colleagues and is a nice touch. There is a helmet for everyone, but usually the more expensive, the better the dual sports helmet. Choose wisely.

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