HJC Bluetooth Helmet Review

Considered one of the best Bluetooth helmets of the modern era, this HJC BlueTooth helmet review will provide you with insight and the various details of what makes it so great. Even though they have been around for a while, the HJC blue tooth helmet still garners the acclaim in which it received the very year it was released.


The HJC Bluetooth helmet has a uniquely modern shape to it, adding to its already stellar appeal. It is equipped with a relatively new design to the unique rotating visor component that was created to help the visor function in much smoother fashion. Another fantastic element of this great Bluetooth helmet is that it was specifically designed to provide a quiet and comfort that comes second to none.


Designing Prowess
HJC has most certainly been at the forefront of the Bluetooth helmet industry since the inception of this most useful and convenient product. A great example of the company’s designing prowess is the “IS-series”, much because they are so well made and at the same time the price point is incredibly accessible to consumers.
The HRC’s vision and intuition have largely come in-way of the digital camera market, where the vast majority of competing manufacturer’s ideas were to provide answers to the various issues that have plagued the industry from the get-go.


Incredible Comfort
The HJC Bluetooth helmet has a lightweight polycarbonate shell that has an extremely advanced injection molding. HJC helmet fits perfectly, and it is the state-of-the-art CAD technology that makes helmet easy to wear.


The helmet is built with mounting tabs for the microphone specifically, which can be routed in such a way that can be done internally to give it that clean, flawless look. This is the quintessential all-around Bluetooth helmet that the public not only has been waiting for but what they ultimately expect from such a great company as HJC.



Excellent Features
It is loaded with so many great features, especially ones such as the button flip-up, the sun shield that has been intelligently integrated with a one-touch option. Then you have the warm-weather ventilation system that is perfect and essential for those extra hot days when you need some cool air.
HJC also felt it vital to redesign the reported geometry at the same time they had addressed the mechanism for the visor lock. Every model of Bluetooth helmets designed and produced by HJC have such a great factor of visibility that the rest of the industry simply can’t compete with.


The Best Company In the Industry
The paint job on the various helmets are all fantastic, but the one in particular which has been utilized for this HJC Bluetooth helmet review is a wonderfully produced metallic silver. The overall look and tone of the helmet is simply flawless and beautiful, with a nicely thickened coating that offers a particularly special look and integrity. Overall you cannot help but recognize how great this Bluetooth helmet is and how perfectly designed it was. Customers all around the world will never steer you wrong when they say that HJC is by far the very best company in the industry.

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