Shoei Bluetooth Helmet Review

The modular motorcycle helmet is a revolutionary new design from Shoei, a cutting edge motorcycle helmet designer. The brand’s idea with this helmet was to combine the convenience of open face helmets with the comfortable and secure helmets. In this Shoei Bluetooth helmet review, we’ll discuss the features and design of the unit.



Reduced Wind Turbulence and Noise

In addition to its lightweight advanced integrated matrix (AIM) shell, the Shoei features a sleek design combined with strict manufacturing guidelines to reduce wind turbulence and noise, as well as a quick-release baseplate system. The helmet contains removable cheek pads, slits for eyeglasses, and a neck outlet, along with an easy to use a CX-1V shield.



Bluetooth Integration

Of course, the premium feature of this helmet is its Bluetooth capability. The unit contains the ability to operate your smartphone, music, as well as bike to bike intercom and FM radio. Its advanced noise control and improved wireless protocol are built into the headphones, allowing you to configure device settings and set groups of intercom friends. You can pair up to 2 mobile phones for hands-free calling. The unit will make and receive calls in addition to reading and replying to emails and text messages all through the helmet. Just one button press lets the phone read you your message and ask if you want to answer. The unit provides extremely high music quality that is better than the competition in many cases.



Streamlined Protection and Functionality

The previous versions of the Shoei Bluetooth have improved on the weight and aerodynamic quality of the helmet. Shoei puts out helmets that are good looking, reasonably priced, and streamlined to provide protection and functionality at equal levels.


The helmet fits comfortably, maintaining a basic oval internal shape that is designed to fit most head shapes. Its lining is removable, washable, and hypoallergenic. The lower half is made from soft fabrics while the upper half is slightly more perforated and tough. The neck roll closes in beneath the jaw and around the back of the head to seal out wind and noise.


Outer Design and Graphics

As a Shoei helmet, this one does not disappoint regarding design and finish. The thick and lustrous paint common to most Shoei helmets is evident on its newest models, as well as some of the new graphics. Its new CWR-1 visor does not flex or distort when trying to open or close it. The QR-E baseplate also has five ratchet adjusters on each side of the helmet, which lets you adjust the fit of the visor — and each position is easily found while you are turning, thanks to a tactile detent in the device.



Ultimately, the Shoei provides robust design, good value, and incredibly sleek curves, as well as integrated powerful Bluetooth technology. You can call, listen to music, or send and receive messages through the helmet, or even listen to the radio and communicate with others over the radio. No matter whether you are looking for a sports riding helmet, a touring bike helmet, or simply a helmet to protect you during your regular commute, the Shoei brand of motorcycle helmets is sure to provide an excellent choice.

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