Top 7 Motorcycle Helmets For Riders

Living the moment; that is the beauty of riding. There are very few things that compare to the sounds of encouragement being screamed by whizzing air, the challenge of switching lanes on the road and the instinct of completely surrendering yourself to your motorbike. It’s only a motorbike that can make you achieve such a level of living. There is a catch, though!
Just like any other thing that pumps up, there is a need to stay safe so that you can enjoy as many of such moments for many years to come. In this article, you are going to meet a review of top companies whose helmets guarantee you safety in every sense of the word. Not only are the companies below aware of what a quality helmet means, but the quality in their products has also been tested beyond reasonable doubt




Started in Italy by Gini Amisano in 1947, this company has ever since carved a niche in the manufacture of motorcycle helmets and they’ve never looked back. It’s among the top companies that know what keeping you safe while riding means.


Arai is a Japanese company that ventures into the design and manufacture of motorsport helmets. Of great significance, all their products are hand-made under the SNELL specifications which are basically the top cream standards when it comes to safety. The fact is, if you choose Arai as your helmet, disappointment will be a history for you.


All the way from street helmets to snow helmets, Bell is among some of the few companies that have mastered the art of making all types of helmets. Particularly, Bell is famous for putting functionality above anything else. Additionally, their attention to detail will definitely impress you.


For over 43 years now, HJC has specialized in the manufacture of helmets. Coupling their unbeatable prices and innovativeness has earned this company a huge name in this industry. Their full face helmets are fully patented hence you won’t find such light weight helmets anywhere else on the market.


One of the most admirable things about this company is the emphasis on development and research. No doubt all their products have had a unique DNA of quality for the last 20 years. To handle distribution, this company has branches spanning the entire globe. They have always been on a mission to give their customers the best fitting and comfortable helmets.


Shark is a French company that has been making helmets for the past 25 years. Founded with professional racers, this company has always stayed on the edge with reference finesse and perfection that a good helmet needs. Safety, technology and performance are there most treasured assets.




This is another company that is unparalleled in the industry of making helmets. Starting their helmet making crusade in 1959, this company has enough experience to deliver the best helmets that are in line with today’s market standards. What you will love about this company is diversified price range to fit any budget.

Why These Helmets?

There are numerous company’s making helmets, but not all of them have been in the market for last one century or three decades. Companies who only stand test of time are included in the list above.

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